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Why You Should Use Personalized Coolies for Brand Promotion

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Branding items and distributing small tokens to gain attention has been a long-time successful advertising strategy. It’s widely believed that the first promotional product in the United States was created to promote George Washington in the 1796 presidential campaign.

After the success of the president’s campaign, companies began to follow that lead and brand items with their product names and distribute them in mass quantities. Items like rulers, calendars, tote bags, and almanacs were some of the first items used for branding purposes.

Today, several products serve in advertising strategies. Personalized coolies are one of those products that have become immensely popular and effective when used as an advertising tactic.

Read to discover why personalized coolies are the perfect item for brand promotion.

Awareness and Visibility

With customizable coolies, you can increase both brand awareness and brand visibility. These two advertising principles are vital for advertising success and aid in encouraging contact while attracting attention and promoting a purchase.

How memorable can you make your brand? 

Brand awareness measures how many potential customers recognize a brand and associate it with a particular product or service. One key to customers remembering your brand is to print it on an item they’ll continually use.

Brand visibility pertains to the frequency with which potential customers have the opportunity to come in contact with your brand. You’re guaranteeing repeated exposure by printing your brand name and logo on a practical, continually used item like a branded coolie.

Branded coolies can also serve as a reminder of your location and contact information. Including an address and phone number means customers have your contact information at hand, or rather in their hand!

Customizable and Versatile

Your design done your way; that’s the perk of personalized coolies. Whatever logo, image, or text you desire can be incorporated into your coolie. You can take advantage of full-color printing services for your order or consider creative do-it-yourself options. Vibrant color choices are great for getting attention, or opt to make a color choice that coordinates with your company’s color scheme.

Custom coolies aren’t just limited to a standard twelve-ounce can or bottle. Top companies offer a variety of products that include options for water bottles, coffee cup sleeves, and trendy tall slim cans.


Whether you’re heading out to a major fundraising or promotional event or simply want to have an advertising opportunity on hand, branded coolies are a light and portable choice. The collapsible neoprene material is lightweight and compact, and you can carry or transport hundreds of them with ease.

They’re also simple when handing out to potential customers. It’s an item that can be neatly tucked into a purse, bag, or pocket if it’s not being used right away. There’s no toting a large or awkward item around, just a simple, sleek object that hearkens back to your brand.

Bulk Buying and Bang for Your Buck

Coolies are typically graduated in price based on the number in your order, so the more you decide to purchase, the less the price you pay per coolie. It’s a cost-effective incentive to buy in bulk.

They’re also an item that is affordable for fast, mass production. Your promotional products will arrive swiftly so you can begin spreading your brand.

It’s an inexpensive item that is made efficiently and goes a long way in exposure. 

Perfect for Large Events

If you’re attending a large event, there will likely be beverages available. What better way is there to get your brand seen than for hundreds of people at the event to be using your coolie on their drink? Think about taking your coolies with you to large gatherings.

Great venus for handing out your branded coolies are:

  • Concerts
  • Carnivals
  • Food festivals
  • Parades
  • Sporting events
  • Parties

Large events are the perfect spot for circulating your brand on a custom coolie. You’re putting your brand on something that people will see as they walk around; it’s automatic advertising.

Practical and Purposeful

Coolies actually serve a helpful purpose. The item’s design and material keep your drink cold and condensation off your hands or from dripping onto other surfaces. You won’t experience sweat from a bottle or can.

For optimal visibility, you want your promotional item used over and over again. A coolie is that item. They’re durable and designed to be reused. Also, because they’re practical, your customers will go to them time and time again.

An Extra Special Touch

Customers love getting a little something extra! Surveys show that 83% of Americans report that they like receiving promotional items and are especially drawn to those items they view as useful. The same survey indicates that most individuals have positive feelings toward a company if they receive a promotional item.

Useful items are a motivation for potential customers to do business with you. A little freebie is likely to help customers connect with and appreciate your company.  

Distribution Tips

Consider some creative ways to get your branded coolies in the hands of your potential customers.

Ideas for distributing your coolies:

  • Place them on water bottles and hand them out during outdoor events
  • Put a small card with a menu of products and services inside the coolie
  • Place them in a large basket or container that’s accessible
  • Include in gift baskets
  • Place in packed orders 

A cute display or innovative way of handing them out adds to the charm and interest of your coolies.

Choose Personalized Coozies for Your Brand

Personalized coolies offer a practical, convenient, and widespread means of advertising. With highly customizable options and a wide range of colors and styles, your business is sure to benefit from potential customers using this handy item.Let us help you bring your brand to the public! Contact us today to learn about your choices, printing capability, and shipping options. You can have a top marketing tool ready for your next event in no time!

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