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Welcome to Blank Coolies USA

plan koozies

Normally, when you think of a custom printing company that specialize in beverage products you wouldn’t think about the products being blank. And at our sister company CoolieNation we are definitely focused on creating the perfect design from scratch. But I’d like to introduce a new venture called Blank Coolies USA in which we create, you guessed it, Blank Coolies.

The reason our focus is on blanks is for all the DIYers out there who just like trying things themselves. The world of custom printing is fairly large with many different size and style options and some people like to do things with their own hands. We would like it if you used this website as a resource guide and as a community. Let our mistakes and experience in the industry help you with your own creative projects.

First of all, we’ll ship you the products in any type of color you desire to give you a good place to start. As always our products come in several different sizes and fabrics. Just tell us what your beverage of choice will be and we should have the coolie to fit it. Of course our bread and butter is the standard 12 oz can but we also carry different bottle, pint glass and coffee cup options.  

As I said we can dye those products in any type of color you’re looking for. With our process we can create the exact shade you want then with heat sublimation we transfer it to the product. While the easiest option is to go with one solid color we are able to create color mixtures if that more fits your vision. If you go that route it would be a little more complicated for our designers but definitely not out of the question.

Lastly, our goal with these blogs is to help start a community. Some may know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to printing while others are clueless and everything in between. We will be writing guides and tips on all types of subjects and we welcome your opinions! If we confused you or simply said something wrong, let us know and hopefully start a dialogue with others to discuss other methods. Because really there’s hardly a wrong answer just differences in styles and preferences.

We appreciate your support and look forward to assisting you with your homebrewed coolies.

Blank Coolies USA