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Tips on Throwing a Unique, Spooky, and Personalized Halloween Party

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Halloween parties are some of the most fun you will have as an adult! When else do we get to dress-up and play pretend after childhood? Add in spooky costumes, fun drinks and food, good music and you have all the best elements for an awesome party.

That being said, Halloween parties – if you’re not careful – can come across as kitschy and childish. Throwing on the Monster Mash and hanging up some tacky decor is NOT the way to go. 

Throwing a unique, personalized Halloween party doesn’t have to be hard but it does take a bit of extra planning. Between Blank Coolies USA and our sister company CoolieNation, we’ve been helping people with their party drinks for years with customized and wholesale coolies. We’ve seen the best and worst of party planning and have some top tips you’ll want to consider when planning your Halloween party.

Go With a Theme… Or Not

Themed parties are the way to go if you want great pictures and a cohesive vibe. From food to decor to costumes, when you pick out a theme, people know what to expect and can really get into the theme.

Some theme ideas could be – Freak Show, Haunted House, Hollywood Horror or for a more fun vibe something like Bad Puns, Best of the ‘80s, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

When you go with a theme, it’s also a lot easier to plan out things like decor, activities, and food. If your theme is something like Bad Puns, it’s really easy to add some humor by grabbing some blank coolies in bulk, throwing out some markers, and letting people add their costume-inspired pun to their drink of choice.

If you’re not a theme person, no worries. While it might take a bit more planning to organize the party without a theme, you’re also much more likely to get a fun, random mix of creative costumes.

Get Creative!

The best part of Halloween parties is that the whole point is to be creative. Sure, creative costumes are the star of the show but you can get creative with all the party elements.

Start with your invitations. If you decide to go with a theme, be creative in how you let people know. Going for a Harry Potter theme? Make your invitations look like Hogwarts letters and ask people to RSVP with their name and Hogwarts House. From there you can customize the party by buying everyone a matching blank can cooler in their Hogwarts colors.

Once people are at the party don’t let the creativity die. Encourage activities that boost it. Examples – decorating pumpkins, customizing coolies to match their costumes, scavenger hunts with funny or spooky tasks – the options are endless.

Grab Some Coolies in Bulk For the Party

Hopefully we have given you some ideas and got your mind working. Throw a good Halloween party and people will be talking about it for years.

If you decide some fun can covers could boost the party vibes, definitely check out our line of blank coolies. From standard cans to slim cans to bottles, we have lots of options that can all be custom colored to match your theme or event. To get started, browse the website or reach out via email or phone.

Happy Halloween!

Blank Coolies USA