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Throwing a Great BBQ Summer Party

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Backyard BBQ parties are a much loved summer tradition. Once the weather starts heating up, so do the BBQ invites. Whether you are hosting a few friends, throwing an annual 4th of July party, or inviting the extended family over, BBQs are a great way to entertain and feed a crowd.

At Blank Coolies USA and CoolieNation, we know a good BBQ when we see it. After years of supplying wholesale coolies to all types and sizes of events, we’ve learned a thing or two on throwing a good party. Here are our tips on making this summer’s BBQ party the ultimate summer event.

Prep, Prep, and Prep

The quickest way to ruin a good backyard BBQ party? A bunch of hungry, thirsty, and hot guests.

Despite the laid back, casual image of a BBQ, this is not the type of party where you want to wing it. Every good party takes a bit of planning but when you are talking about summer heat, summer bugs, and feeding a crowd, it’s best to plan ahead. 

Planning ahead for a BBQ means thinking of things like:

  • Did you buy enough charcoal or propane?
  • Has the grill been cleaned? Is it still working well after a winter packed away?
  • How long before the party should we start up the grill / prep ingredients?
  • Did we get enough food? Do we have enough drinks?
  • Do we have enough seats? What about plates, cups, knives?
  • Are the hosts supplying everything or should guests bring side dishes/drinks?
  • What music should we play? And who should bring the outdoor speakers?
  • Will the party be going late? If so, is there enough outdoor lighting to keep things safe/comfortable?

The more you think through things ahead of time, the less last minute running around you will have to do.

Also, remember you will be outdoors! That means extra planning and prep as well. You’ll want to have some tactics to keep the bugs away from food and drinks. Make sure you have some sunscreen on hand and bug spray as well. If it’s going to be especially hot, make sure you have a few ways to cool guests down – from ice cold drinks (check out our water bottle coolies) to fun water guns.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When prepping for your BBQ, it’s important to find a balance between buying too much food and not having enough options.

From chicken to hamburgers to hot dogs to veggie options, it’s nice to have a mix of items to meet everyone’s diet and preferences. At the same time, you’ll want enough drink options to satisfy everyone. 

A good tactic is to ask guests to bring sides and/or drinks while the host supplies the main BBQ courses and a few standard drink options.

While the grill is the core of any BBQ party, the second point of focus will always be the drinks. Set up a drink station with lots of options – from water to alcoholic options to sodas. Consider skipping the plastic cups. That’s usually more of a mess than help. Instead opt for drinks that come in bottles or cans for easy access and quick clean up.

A fun way to add a bit of extra style to your BBQ is by grabbing some cheap coolies. Pick up some blank coolies in a color that matches the event or occasion and make sure to mix and match to get all the right sizes – bottle coolies, slim can covers, and neoprene beer huggers.

You can find all those and much more with Blank Coolies USA!

Not only are blank coolies a good way to save money but they can also be a fun way to let BBQ guests customize their own drinks. Put out some markers with the coolies and let people write their names, funny quotes, or add their own creative touch. Not only will the coolies keep everyone’s drinks cold during the party, they are also a fun little souvenir to remind people of the fun they had.

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