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Do It Yourself! A Guide to DIY Blank Coolies

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When it comes to the world of DIY, there’s no shortage of possibilities or projects you can tackle. Now you could always let the experts handle it, but it’s always fun to explore new hobbies. The best part about hobbies is that the finished product does not have to be perfect. It truly is more about the journey than the destination. The same thing can be true of Coolies. Whether it’s a standard can or zipper bottle you can add a personal touch and express yourself, with these inexpensive methods.

Sign Your Coolie With A Marker

This is probably the easiest method since a marker or Sharpie is usually available.  You could either sign your name or draw a picture that is significant to you. Using a Neoprene Coolie would work best for marking. However you sign it though, be sure to make it recognizable so you can find your drink later.

Add Some Style With Glue

Now, if you’re feeling especially crafty and artsy then glue can be a great way to make a coolie that really sticks with you, but hopefully not literally. Beads, glitter or macaroni are all simple items that can be attached to the coolie with a little bit of adhesive and determination.

Wrap Your Coolie With A Pipe Cleaner

If you’re short on glue, then just some pipe cleaners will work in a pinch. These flexible little pieces fit perfectly around coolies and can be arranged however you’d like them. Another benefit to using the pipe cleaner is it gives an extra layer of cushion to your beverage.

Make A Bracelet Out Of String

This may not be a problem for you but some of us tend to lose things if they aren’t attached. With just a little bit of rope, string or rubber you can make a handy carrying case for your beer. Cans work great for this while bottles are a little more difficult but certainly not impossible.

Add Some Color With Paint

If you’re a fan of mixing colors in a unique way, then all you need is some paint and a brush. Just start with your coolie as your primary or base color and paint to your heart’s desire. If you need a little assistance I’ve included a color chart so you can see how certain colors will look next to each other.

With these 5 affordable methods, you can really make an impression with your drink of choice. The best thing about going this route is there is no wrong answer. However you want to design your Coolie is up to you. So to get started all you need to do is pick out your favorite blank coolie, you can browse our selection and see what you like. The next step is just as easy. Pick a good base color and you’re all set. Whether you want to order in bulk or just one or two is completely up to you. As always if this process seems a little overwhelming then you can head on over to our sister company, CoolieNation, fill out a free proof form and let us handle the design.  

We would love to see your ideas in actions! Share your awesome pictures on our Facebook page. If you go another route than what we suggest then we’d love to see those as well!

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